The Leisure ticket ("Freizeit-Ticket") is a 1-day ticket for the entire province of Styria. It is valid either on a Saturday or on a Sunday or public holiday for one person.

The leisure ticket is valid in Styria for all urban transport lines, the Schloßberg funicular in Graz, all regional buses (with the exception of line 311) and all local trains (but not in long-distance trains IC/EC/EN/NJ).

Where can I buy my Leisure ticket?

  • in all buses and trams
  • at train stations
  • in the Mobility and Sales Centre in Graz
  • from the train attendants, in case the purchase is not possible at the train station
  • in urban public transport vehicles in Graz on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

The leisure ticket costs € 12.00.

Verkehrsverbund Steiermark GmbH